Premier Jewellery and Loans – Kelowna’s Pawn Shop

Premier Jewellery and Loans is Kelowna’s upscale pawn shop.  Open since 1995 we are a new modern vision of a centuries old industry.  We buy, sell and pawn (lend money for) gold, diamonds, designer fashion, electronics, instruments and more.   We are Kelowna’s only BBB A+ rated pawn shop so you can buy, borrow and barter in confidence!

Pawn Trivia: Did You Know…

  • The world famous Hope Diamond spent some time in a pawn shop in the 1930’s?
  • The modern pawn shop was invented by Franciscan monks in 1464 AD?
  • St. Nicholas (Santa Claus!) is the patron saint of pawnbrokers?
  • The nursey rhyme ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ is about pawning?

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