Premier Jewellery and Loans – Kelowna’s Pawn Shop

Kelowna’s pawn shop choice since 1995!  We buy, sell and pawn (lend money for) gold, diamonds, engagement rings, designer fashion, electronics, instruments and more.  As an upscale pawn shop we not only buy gold and diamonds but we retail some of Kelowna’s best jewellery.   This includes pre-owned Rolex and luxury watches and diamonds as large as 2 carats.

Premier is like a traditional pawn shop – only better! We are Kelowna’s only BBB A+ rated pawn shop so you can buy, borrow and barter in confidence!  That’s not the only thing that set’s us apart however:

  • We’re the only pawn shop in Canada featured by Business Elite Canada magazine (ARTICLE LINK). 
  • We’re the only pawn shop in Canada that belongs to the Diamond Council of America and the Jewelers of America.  
  • We’re the only pawn shop in Kelowna to have a G.I.A. accredited diamond buyer on site.

So whether  you’re looking to buy, sell or borrow make sure to stop by for a visit.  You’ll be glad you did.

Pawn Shop Trivia: Did You Know…

  • The world famous Hope Diamond spent some time in a pawn shop in the 1930’s?
  • The modern pawn shop was invented by Franciscan monks in 1464 AD?
  • St. Nicholas (Santa Claus!) is the patron saint of pawnbrokers?
  • The nursey rhyme ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ is about pawning?

Find out more.