All That Glitters is Not Gold

Fake Gold Necklace closeupIn September of this year we broke a news story about FAKE GOLD being sold to Kelowna residents.  They were being approached at job sites, gas stations and parking lots and being offered “18K gold” jewellery at bargain prices.  Often this would be accompanied by a sob story about car repairs, insurance or medical problems.  The photo to the left is an example of one piece but we’ve seen several including rings and bracelets.

Unfortunately these are all well made fakes and people were bilked out of hundreds of dollars.  The scam is ongoing as new victims surfaced about 2 weeks after the news story (below) aired.  Once again we urge caution to anyone buying gold from strangers.  Setting aside the fact that it might be fake it might also be stolen.  Don’t contribute to the underground economy.

If you are approached PLEASE get a license plate and description and immediately contact the police.


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