Exceptional Diamonds: Set Your Fiance Apart

1ct WG Front

Today marks one of those fun days when we put something exceptional out for sale.  People often have a belief that pawn shops don’t deal in nice things or that there is a stigma to ‘buying used’.  I find it ironic that the Mona Lisa, the Hope Diamond and the Crown Jewels of England are all ‘used’.  Someone owned them previously but that doesn’t cease to make them exceptional.

Everyone knows that large diamonds are rare but some are rarer than most.  We just stocked this 1.01 carat D-colorless SI2 Canadian Solitaire.  There are less than 5000 colorless diamonds produced PER YEAR that are larger than 1/2 carat. This diamond is twice that size.

Diamond industry statistics say that 52% of gem quality diamonds fall in the I clarity range.  At SI2 clarity our piece is now one of less than 2500 with clarity this good.  Since it’ CANADIAN, that number becomes smaller yet again. Couple that with it’s Very Good cut rating and that number continues to shrink.

If you want to make your bride to be feel special then consider this.  Only 2500 people a year get a diamond this nice.  In the world.  That’s one diamond per 2.6 MILLION people.