We Are Kelowna's Oldest Pawn Shop

We got our new business license in the mail.  As we were framing it we realized something: we’re the oldest pawn shop in Kelowna!  We also realized that over 20 other pawn shops have closed since we opened our doors.

What happened to their customers?  What happened to the items in pawn?  Most people don’t realize that pawn shops are all about trust.   You trust your items will be safe.  You trust the store will be there when you go to retrieve your pawn.  

This really highlights the importance of stability and safety.  Premier is the oldest and most stable store in Kelowna.  Never bought, never sold, same owners for 22 years and counting.  We’re the only vault secured pawn shop in Kelowna.  We’re also the only pawn shop that INSURES our clients.    

It’s a bit of perspective realizing we’re the old kids on the block.   If you’re a longtime Kelowna resident this list might be familiar to you.  They’ve all sold, closed, merged or moved:

  • AABCO Pawn
  • A&P Pawn
  • Cash Converters
  • Central Pawn
  • Darky’s Pawn
  • Downtown Pawnbrokers
  • Ellis Pawn & Used Goods
  • Estate Sales And Pawn
  • Klondike Pawn
  • Low Cost Pawn
  • Money Mike’s Pawn
  • Trade ‘N Save
  • Valley Pawn
  • Valley Pawn Westbank
  • Westbank Pawn aka 24/7