Now, as seen on TV . . .

Last year we were fortunate enough to be contacted by the folks at SHAW-TV about appearing in one of their TV segments.  The show features a ‘Trade-Up’ theme in which the producer starts with an item and barters it with the intent of donating the end item to charity.  This idea was made famous by a Canadian blogger who bartered a red paperclip into a house over the course of a year.

Needless to say we were very honored to be asked to participate.  Earlier this year the show aired so we thought it might be nice to link it here.   Without further introduction here is our worldwide television debut:


[cf_video url=”DoRRz-M82i8″ width=”420″ height=”315″ auto_play=”0″ controls=”1″ show_info=”1″ related_videos=”1″]