Premier Jewellery and Loans offers stunning selection of top-end goods

Read the full story at Castanet: The business license might read “pawn shop” but Premier Jewellery and Loans is more accurately described as Kelowna’s luxury resale store.

Thrifting and deal hunting are popular pastimes, but it’s not often you can do it for a Rolex, Louis Vuitton, or large diamond. Premier is a well-known destination for those looking to sell their gold jewellery, diamonds, watches, or luxury fashion. However, it’s also a hidden treasure for those looking to shop for premium merchandise without paying the premium markup.

Premier stocks dozens of luxury watches, designer bags and hundreds of diamonds in all different styles. Beyond saving money, there are serious upsides to buying pre-owned.

“Today’s customers are socially conscious. The advantage of our upcycled inventory is that it’s environmentally friendly, conflict-free, and locally sourced,” says owner Martin Strasser. “Our diamonds are from the secondary market, so they have zero environmental impact. Plus, as natural diamonds, they’ll hold value much better than synthetic or lab-grown stones do.”

Premier has rewritten the definition of “pawn shop” since opening 27 years ago. The store reflects its merchandise—it’s an upscale, clean, and pleasant place to shop. An expert team serves clients with certifications from organizations such as the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) and Diamond Council of America. They are also members of the Canadian Jewellers Association and Jewelers of America.

“Authentication is a big concern for many people. When you shop online or in the classifieds, you don’t know if the diamond or watch is real,” says Strasser. “That’s the advantage of our store. We have the training and the tools to authenticate everything. From X-ray gold analysis to synthetic diamond detection, we cover it. Even our handbags are verified by a service to ensure they’re real.”

Strasser says he and his staff want their clients to get the best advice possible, whether selling items or buying them. He adds many consumers do not realize stores like his exist in Kelowna. This means they travel to larger centres like Vancouver to shop for items that are available locally at lower prices.

“If you ask someone in Kelowna where to buy a solid gold Rolex or Breitling, most couldn’t answer. The same is true of the dozens of Louis Vuitton bags or the fine jewellery that we stock. But we have it all.”

The upside to shopping locally isn’t just convenience; it’s community support. For the last seven years, Premier has given back through their annual Kelowna Women’s Shelter charity auction. Each year, the store teams up with Castanet and donates a pair of one-carat diamond stud earrings that are auctioned off. The proceeds are given to the Kelowna Women’s Shelter, totalling almost $38,000.

With Christmas just around the corner, the perfect gift may be waiting for you at Premier Jewellery and Loans. Remember, St. Nicholas—the man Santa Claus is modelled after — is the patron saint of pawnbrokers.

So, if you are looking for that special piece of jewellery to make someone happy, or to buy and sell gold and diamonds, check out Premier Jewellery and Loans at 4-1980 Bredin Road in Kelowna. Read the full story at Castanet: