So why a blog?

Welcome to the ‘blog’ for Premier Jewellery and Loans Ltd. As you can tell by the name we’re a pawnshop located in Kelowna, B.C. in the great frozen north (Canada). This blog will host various posts and stories from the staff and management of our store. Apparently our industry generates alot of interesting and bizarre situations that will make great material for the book we intend to release whenever we actually get around to writing it.
We’ll also spend some time showcasing the more interesting items that have graced our inventories. We’ve had stock ranging from accordians to 2 carat prestige diamonds so it makes for a very diverse assortment of goods. It’s also part of what makes the job so interesting because we never know what will come through the doors next. I remember watching some of my staff turn green when a customer dropped gold-capped teeth into their hands asking to sell them. I guess that is pretty odd, but really what else are you supposed to do with your old teeth? Especially when they have $50 worth of gold strapped to them.
As an industry we fill a necessary niche – we are the ultimate recyclers in a way. Because we buy and sell items we’ve helped people liquidate store inventories, downsize as they move from homes to apartments or clear out as they prepare to move across the country. This in turn has helped our buying clientelle get their LCD Tv’s, computers, Xbox/PS3 gaming systems etc. We’ve got a fairly sound policy in our store: If I wouldn’t take it home myself I wouldn’t buy it for the store. This means that we typically only have really nice inventory because any of my staff who buy junk get to display it at their house . . .
Well, I should probably get back to work but I thought I’d say thanks for stopping in. Hopefully you’ll find something you like here and come visit us again.