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Premier's Diamond Trade-Up Program


At Premier we realize that tastes change and jewellery you enjoy today may not be what you want tomorrow. On top of Kelowna’s best jewellery prices we’re extremely pleased to offer our new DIAMOND TRADE-UP plan.  Any diamond jewellery you purchase from Premier is eligible for a 100% trade-back towards larger diamonds or nicer pieces.  

This offers great benefits including upgrading earrings every year, moving to larger diamonds on your anniversary or just switching up your ring when you get tired of your old one!  You can even switch TYPES of jewellery from earrings to rings to pendants or bracelets!

Here’s how it works:

  1. DIAMOND TRADE-UP is available on diamond jewellery priced over $250 starting August 2014.
  2. TRADE-UP’s must be in original, unaltered and undamaged condition – please retain appraisals and documentation.
  3. TRADE-UP’s in need of repair may be eligible at reduced value.
  4. TRADE-UP value does not include the original taxes, sizing costs, etc. and is not a cash purchase offer.
  5. Custom work or “final sale” TRADE-IN’s or TRADE-UP’s may not be eligible – ask staff for details.
  6. The TRADE-UP must have a sale value at least 50% greater than the TRADE-IN.
  7. All TRADE-IN’s must be done in accordance with Kelowna Bylaws (ID required, age 19+)
  8. We reserve the right to amend, alter or discontinue this promotion.

If only everything worked this way – I’d love to trade in my old TV towards a new flatscreen!