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Premier should be your pawn shop choice – here’s why

Many pawn shops don’t disclose rates or borrowing terms.  This makes it difficult to make an educated decision.  Here are a few key points which show that Premier is a better choice.

At Premier you get FREE insurance on your pawned items.  Other pawn shops may not protect you.  Ask if they insure YOUR items.  Read the fine print and watch for phrases like:

We are not responsible for destruction of goods by fire, theft, burglary, mysterious disappearance…

“Articles are entirely at owners peril”.

Part of our VIP service is to help protect you from losing your items if you run late.  We offer free text reminders when you are due.  Plus, our pawn protection keeps your items safe if you run a little late.  With terms up to 2 months long you pick the time you  need.  No other pawn shop matches what we do.