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What Kind of Gold and Jewellery Do We Buy?

We Pay Cash For:

  1. Gold jewellery in any condition – broken to brand new.  We pay premiums for re-salable pieces.
  2. Diamond jewellery including loose stones.  Visit THIS PAGE for more details.  Premiums paid for larger sizes, Canadian Diamonds or “Cert’ed” stones.
  3. Gold and silver coins, bars or wafers.  Visit THIS PAGE for more details.
  4. Waste gold including dental gold, casting buttons/sprues etc.
  5. Gold flakes, nuggets and placer gold.
  6. Watches – we specialize in luxury timpieces by Rolex, Omega, Breitling etc.

Unlike most gold buyers we evaluate more than the weight of the metal, we factor:

  • Diamond quality, size and caratage.
  • Resalability – we can often pay higher values for pieces that can be resold.
  • Desirability – certain styles offer a premium.