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Cash For Gold Bullion – Bought, Sold, Money Loaned

Kelowna’s Gold Bullion Source – Coins, Bars, Wafers (Silver too!)

Gold Bullion Coins and Bars - Kelowna's Bullion Source - We Buy And SellWhen you mention gold and silver most people think about jewellery.  A select few understand the greater truth.  Gold bullion can help protect your wealth. Currency shifts.  Global events.  Economic disorder.  Each of these threatens your financial well being.  Gold bullion gives you fast access to your money without depending on banks or stock brokers. Bullion is a discrete and private way to store your wealth.  There is a reason the economic health of nations is measured by their gold bullion reserves!

Premier is proud to present our gold bullion service.  We buy, sell and lend money for gold and silver bullion.  This includes any bar or coin with a rated purity at 99.9% or better.  

We have the most complete gold bullion testing system in Kelowna.  This means we can verify ALL bullion bought or sold to protect you: the buyer.  Our lab includes:



  • X-ray (XRF) tests by Thermo-Fisher and Olympus
  • Electromagnetic resistance via Sigma Metalytics PMV
  • Tungsten core detection via ultrasonic measurement
  • “The old classics” including acid, magnets, ‘ping tests’ etc


We also pay premiums for old pour and collectable bars ( Engelhard, etc).  We buy and sell all major mints and refineries including:

  • Royal Canadian Mint Bullion / RCM:  Gold maples, Silver maples, fractional bars
  • United States:  American Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Silver Eagles
  • Mexico:  Gold and Silver Libertads
  • Perth Mint: Gold and Silver Kangaroos and bullion bars
  • Johnson Matthey  / J&M: Gold bars, wafers
  • Valcambi / PAMP Suisse bars:
  • NTR / Sunshine Minting / SMI


We purchase non-bullion gold products as well.  These coins do not meet purity standards in Canada so they are a taxable product.  Common examples include:

  • South African Krugerrands (22K / .916 pure)
  • British Sovereigns – all weights (22K / .916 pure)

Please remember – any transaction valued over $10,000 must be paid by bank draft.  This is a FINTRAC legal requirement.  Please call ahead for transactions over this amount so we can be ready for you.