Cash For Gold, Diamonds and Watches



Kelowna’s Gold Buyer Since 1995!

Sell your gold and diamond jewellery to Kelowna’s Cash For Gold choice!  At Premier we understand it’s difficult to pick a gold buyer and decide who to trust when selling your jewellery.   We feel it’s best to let our clients speak for us.  Here are actual GOOGLE and FACEBOOK testimonials from customers who have sold their gold and diamond jewellery.  There are many gold buyers but as you can see we’re not all the same.


As Kelowna’s leading gold buyer we offer many advantages:

  1. X-ray testing.  Gold buyers use acid or scratch tests on jewellery.  Our Xray is more accurate and won’t damage your items.
  2. Diamond buying.  We buy and sell diamonds.  Most gold buyers only melt gold so diamonds don’t add value.
  3. Expertise.  We are G.I.A. trained with 20 years of experience as gold buyers.  From 2+ carat diamonds to Rolex watches.
  4. No risk.  Most gold buyers pay by cheque.  We pay in cash and the jewelry doesn’t leave your sight until you approve the sale.
  5. Convenience.  We are Kelowna’s most convenient gold buyer:  open 7 days a week with no appointment required. 
  6. Integrity.  We are the only gold buyer that belongs to the BBB (A+ rated), Diamond Council of America and Chamber of Commerce.

Gold Buying: How It Works

Selling your gold, diamonds and watches is a simple, open process.  We explain each step before proceeding.  Here is what to expect:Kelowna's Gold Buyer: Martin Appraising a Bracelet

  1. Gather your items.  Remember any paperwork (appraisals, certificates, receipts) as it may increase value.
  2. Visit our store and speak with our gold buyer at your convenience – no appointment required.
  3. We assess the pieces you’d like a quote on.  Quotes are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.
  4. We will verify gold and diamonds using non-damaging X-RAY and thermal conductivity tests.
  5. Our gold buyer will present an offer for purchase.  Payment is in CASH* before you leave.
  6. Once you accept we handle all of the paperwork – often in less than 10 minutes.

We are one of the few gold buyers to pay for diamonds because we SELL diamonds.  Don’t be fooled by firms that buy gold but offer zero value on your 1/4 carat diamond!

*Values over $9,999.00 paid by bank draft due to FINTRAC regulations.

What Do You Pay?

As jewellery buyers we dislike ‘per gram’ buying prices because it doesn’t give value for diamonds, craftsmanship or name brand.  Even broken jewellery may be worth extra because parts could be used to fix other pieces.  Bring your items in and we’ll get you the best quote possible.  Many people claim to be ‘top tier’ gold buyers – our proof is in our showcases and our SALES CATALOG.

Quality jewellery is worth more than weight on a scale so we pay premiums for designer pieces by Tiffany, Tacori, SimonG, Pandora, etc.

What kind of gold do you buy?

We Pay Cash For:

  1. Gold and diamond jewellery in any condition – broken to brand new.
  2. Loose diamonds – premiums paid for larger sizes, Canadian Diamonds or “Cert’ed” stones.
  3. Gold and silver coins, bars or wafers.
  4. Waste gold including dental gold, casting buttons/sprues etc.
  5. Gold flakes, nuggets and placer gold.
  6. Watches – we specialize in luxury timpieces by Rolex, Omega, Breitling etc.

Unlike most gold buyers we evaluate more than the weight of the metal, we factor:

  • Diamond quality, size and caratage.
  • Resalability – we can often pay higher values for pieces that can be resold.
  • Desirability – certain styles offer a premium.


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