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Product ID: I-18472

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This vintage workstation is both powerful and versatile.

- Polyphony - 32 voices 16 part multitimbral
- Oscillators – 48 MB ROM using AI2 synthesis system (digital). 32 sounds, 32
oscillators (single mode); 16 sounds, 32 oscillators (double mode)
- Effects – 2 Multi FX processors with 47 Digital multi-effects: reverb, delay,
overdrive, EQ, chorus, rotary speaker, and more.
- Sequencer – 16 tracks, 16 instruments, 7,000 notes, 100 patterns, 10 songs,
Realtime and Step-editor.
- Memory – 200 user programs, 200 user combis, (drum-kit, global, sequencer
and midi data)
- Control – MIDI In / Out / Through (16-parts)


# I-18472


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