2016 Rolex Precision 36MM – Domino’s Pizza Ltd. Edition

Price: $4,199.95CAD


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These are hard to get!  This is a 36MM Rolex Perpetual with baton markers, circa 2016.  We have full box, papers and hang-tag.  What makes this special however is it's origin!

Domino's pizza awards their franchise owners/managers with a custom Rolex if they can hit and maintain high level sales goals.  For example: a store might need to sell $40,000 of pizza per week for an entire month all the while keeping labor, food and delivery targets in line.  Each store can only win once for each goal and the goals increase as the store grows!

These are quite collectable not only because they are uncommon but they are also one of the few Rolex modifications authorized directly by Rolex!


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