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Kelowna’s Diamond Buyer – Cash for Diamond Jewellery

Sell Your Diamond Jewellery


It’s time to unlock the hidden value of your diamond jewellery.  Choosing the right diamond buyer is important because not everyone pays the same.  Most gold buyers don’t pay for diamonds at all.    Fortunately, Premier has the expertise to help you.  We have been Kelowna’s diamond buyer since 1995.   We buy hundreds of carats in diamonds each year.  This includes multiple 2 carat+ diamonds, vintage stones and branded cuts.   Let us maximize the value of your jewellery. 


Accredited Diamond Buyers 

Premier is Kelowna’s Better Business Bureau A+ rated diamond buyer.  This photo shows over 110 carats of loose diamonds bought from clients just like you.   Our diamond buyers are trained by the school that created the international grading standard.  We’ve been diamond buying since 1995 and are Diamond Council of America members.   



We’re very pleased to have the best trained staff in Kelowna:

  • 2 GIA Diamonds and Diamond Grading Graduates with another in training

  • 3 DCA “Diamond Certified”  buyers, another currently taking the course

  • 3  GIA “Accredited Jewellery Professionals

All diamond buyers are not equal.   You wouldn’t go to a doctor without a degree.  You shouldn’t trust a ‘traditional’ pawn shop or consignment store to buy your diamonds.


How Diamond Buying Works

  1. Bring your diamond jewellery to our store.  Documents such as appraisals, certificates and receipts will increase what we can pay.
  2. Our diamond buyer will evaluate your diamond jewellery based on the 4 C’s (carat, clarity, color, cut)
  3. Any gold will be X-ray assessed for purity (completely non-destructive) and added to the value.
  4. The diamond buyer will provide you with a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL estimate of our CASH purchase offer.
  5. Once you accept we handle all of the paperwork – often in less than 10 minutes.
  6. Kelowna Bylaws require photo ID so please remember your Driver’s License, BCID, Passport etc.
  7. You’ll be paid in CASH before you leave so it’s completely secure.



Kelowna’s Diamond Buyer: a showcase

Below is a small example of some of the diamond jewellery we’ve purchased from our clients.  As diamond buyers we enjoy the diversity of jewellery styles we see.  From vintage and antique cut diamonds to modern branded cuts.  As always, our store inventory is a great example of items we’ve bought.  Take a look HERE.

1.63 Carats Total – 1.21 Ct. Center

Appraised $15,800

1.63 Carats Total – 1.51 Ct.  Center

Appraised $29,000

2.08 Carats Total – 1.73 Ct. Center

Appraised $26,600

2.88 Carats Total – 2.0 Ct. Center

Appraised $33,000

2.83 Carats Total – 1.33 Ct. Center

Appraised $21,000

0.97 Carats Total – VS/VVS Centers

Appraised $6,900

1.28 Carats Total – 1.05 Ct. Center

Appraised $19,000

3.51 Carats Total – 2.00 Ct. Center

Appraised $56,000


1.02 Carat VS Center Diamond

Appraised $19,000