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Kelowna’s Pawn Shop Since 1995

Kelowna’s Pawn Shop – Money When You Need It

Pawn loans are a fast, simple and confidential way to borrow money.  You get the cash you need without selling your assets.  Your items (jewelry, laptops, guitars, etc.) secure the loan.  This means there are no credit checks, job requirements or other complications.  Pawns help you bridge short term cash-flow problems without the embarrassment of asking friends or family for help.  We have more certifications and industry memberships than any other pawn shop in Kelowna.  We are proud to be Kelowna’s ONLY BBB A+ rated pawn shop.

This 90 second video explains how a pawn loan works.  It also outlines the advantages of picking Premier as your pawn shop.    

Premier should be your pawn shop choice - here's why

Many pawn shops don’t disclose rates or borrowing terms.  This makes it difficult to make an educated decision.  Here are a few key points which show that Premier is a better choice.

At Premier you get FREE insurance on your pawned items.  Other pawn shops may not protect you.  Ask if they insure YOUR items.  Read the fine print and watch for phrases like:

We are not responsible for destruction of goods by fire, theft, burglary, mysterious disappearance…

“Articles are entirely at owners peril”.

Part of our VIP service is to help protect you from losing your items if you run late.  We offer free text reminders when you are due.  Plus, our pawn protection keeps your items safe if you run a little late.  With terms up to 2 months long you pick the time you  need.  No other pawn shop matches what we do.  

What kind of items do we accept?

We accept many item for pawn including:

  • gold and diamond jewelry
  • laptops, iPads, and tablets
  • electronics like cellular phones and digital cameras
  • TV’s, stereo equipment
  • Musical Instruments like guitars, AMPs and more.

 To get the best value bring in newer, quality items in good condition. Please remember any accessories such as appraisals, remotes, cables, chargers, software, boxes, etc.

All serial numbers and identifying decals must be present and unaltered. We reserve the right to limit or refuse items at our discretion

Pawn Loan Calculator

Pawn shop loan comparison

Understanding costs is an important part of making an educated borrowing decision. Our pawn calculator will show you how much it would cost to borrow from Premier. I t will also compare against a similar payday loan transaction and typical pawn shop.  Make sure to check the borrowing rate of any pawnshop you use.  Don’t be fooled by phrases like ‘Rates As Low As‘ – make them give you a solid number BEFORE you borrow.  

Premier’s Pawn Loan Calculator

1 Choose Your Term
2 Choose Your Amount

Loan Amount $0.00
Fees $0.00
Total to Repay $0.00

  • Pawn Loans available to anyone with valid government photo ID at least 19 years of age.
  • Loans offered between $10 and $50,000 based upon acceptable collateral, no credit check required.
  • Terms are for 31 or 62 days based on your choice. You can repay the loan at any time without penalty.
  • The minimum term is one day, the maximum is 2 months (62 days) based on your choice.
  • You can purchase additional time by paying the outstanding fees – ask for details.
  • Fees include all interest, insurance, storage and administration costs.
  • FREE INSURANCE: All pawns are insured – ask staff for details.
  • FREE TEXT REMINDERS – enroll today!  Ask staff for details.
  • PRODUCT PROTECTION: We hold your items for 14 days past the due date to protect you.



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APR Disclosure: Pawn loans include a interest component at 5% monthly (60%) APR and a sliding cost of storage and handling depending on amount borrowed.  For example, a $1000 pawn for 31 days would cost $100 ($50 interest, $50 storage/handling).  Use the loan calculator shown above to determine the costs for the amount you wish to borrow.  Pawn loans are not intended for long term financing but rather to assist with short-term financial hardships.