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Cash Paid For Watches: Buy, Sell Or Borrow

We buy, sell and pawn (lend money for) pre-owned Rolex, Omega, Breitling and more. Most gold buyers don’t know the luxury watch market, we do. Just look at the watch gallery at the bottom of the page. Whether you’re downsizing, restyling, or selling an inheritance we can help. As Kelowna’s Rolex buyer we provide a safe, secure way to unlock the value of your timepiece. Our process is simple, easy and transparent.

HOW to sell your WATCH


1. The watch will never leave your sight.


2. Our team will evaluate the watch for condition and function.


3. We’ll provide a free no-obligation quote buy offer.


4. We pay in-cash immediately (no waiting on cheques or consignments).

The condition of your Rolex, while important, is not critical. Our watchmaker specializes in vintage restoration so we’re able to pay well even for damaged timepieces. A watch with a chipped crystal or scratched case can still be worth thousands (or more!). Some of the more notable watches we’ve bought include a a $60,000 platinum Day-Date President, a Vietnam Era GMT with gilt-dial and 1680 Rolex Red Dial Submariner.

Please note: We are more than Rolex buyers. As a fully licensed pawn lender we are also able to provide you with a CASH LOAN using your Rolex as security. If you’d like to get money WITHOUT selling your cherished timepiece we can do that too. Click HERE for more information.

While a recent survey voted Rolex the most trusted brand in the world, we are also glad to handle many other brands. These include Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Grand Seiko and more.

What Factors Impact Watch Value?


    Having the box, papers, and extra links will strengthen the offer we can make.


    Automatic watches require service every 5-10 years. Newer models or those with service history will often receive a premium.


    Certain collector models should be un retouched (no redials, re-lumes, case polishing, etc.).

  • 4. STYLE

    The current market has strong demand for sport models, less so for dress or fashion styles.


    Modifications can influence price up (or down) based on worksmanship and style.


    Watch overhauls can cost $500-$1000, plus any needed parts.

Insider Tips From A Rolex Buyer

We have specialized training and decades of experience. People are often tempted to try private sales thinking they’ll make more money. In reality, they could be costing themselves thousands. The re-sale market can be tricky with massive price changes (up and down) for things many people would miss. For example:

  • Rare dial patterns or styles
  • Dial font / print variations
  • “Defects” like ghost bezels or tropical dials
  • Collector movements (Ex: Heuer Autavia GMT’s)
  • Collector watch hands (Ex: snowflakes on a Tudor Sub)
  • Custom diamond work

Even a subtle brand difference like Seiko and Grand Seiko could be a potential $10,000 mistake. Let our experience unlock the true value of your watch.

The pictures linked below show items we’ve purchased in the last few years. Feel free to click the images to see them in higher quality.

  • How Can I Tell If My Watch Is Real?

    With luxury watches costing $2,000 to $20,000 (or higher) the market is very lucrative for forgers.  The quality of replicas and frauds range from obvious knock-offs to cunning “Super Fakes”.  The top tier counterfeits are using CAD controlled CNC machines to clone watch bodies.  This is paired with Swiss internals and professionally printed boxes and papers to create a convincing package.  They’ve invested $500 to fake a $10,000 watch.  This makes the forgers good money when they swindle a buyer.

    We always advise a visit to our store so our trained team can evaluate your time piece and make you a purchase offer.  That being said, here are a few general things to look out for

    • Does it come with box and papers?  The more recent the watch is the more likely it should have the papers.
    • Does it make financial sense?  Luxury watches are a large cash investment.   Is this something the person could realistically afford to buy or give away?
    • Does it work?  Do the features on the watch (calendar, chronograph functions etc) work as intended?
    • Are the details right?  Is the dial printing crisp or blurry?  Are the logos correct?
    • How is the finish?  Is the construction quality good with no sharp edges or surfaces?
    • Is the deal too good to be true?  A FREE Rolex from a friend?  A Breitling in the classifieds at WAY UNDER VALUE?


The pictures linked below show items we’ve purchased in the last few years.  Feel free to click the images to see them in higher quality.