Kelowna’s Gold Bullion Buyer

We Do Bullion. Gold, Silver and Platinum

Premier is Kelowna’s choice for buying (or selling) gold and silver bullion. Many people invest in metals as a hedge against uncertainty. When the time comes to convert that metal back into cash we are here to help. We handle thousands of ounces of gold and silver yearly.

When you mention gold and silver most people think about Jewelry. Bullion represents investment grade precious metals: bars, coins or wafers of pure gold or silver. Gold bullion can help protect your wealth against the unexpected. When currency shifts, global events or civil unrest happen your financial well being is threatened. Gold bullion gives you fast access to your money without depending on banks or stock brokers. It’s a discrete and private way to store your wealth. There is a reason the economic health of nations is measured by their gold bullion reserves!

There is nothing like the feel of physical gold or silver in the hand. The weight of a krugerrand, the sheen of a RCM silver maple. Physical metal represents the oldest form of currency on the planet. It’s use has spanned the milennia and the rise and fall of empires. We are proud to participate in this legacy.

Premier’s Bullion Benefits:

  • Instant payment – no waiting for shipping, cheques or bank wires.
  • Local service – buy and sell today.
    • We are Kelowna’s bullion broker with local inventory.
    • Contact us for inventory updates or to be put on our request list.
  • Fast and confidential
    • Payment in cash at time of sale (same day for larger amounts)
  • State of the art bullion testing on site including
    • X-ray (XRF) tests by Thermo-Fisher and Olympus
    • Electromagnetic resistance via Sigma Metalytics PMV
    • Tungsten core detection via ultrasonic measurement
  • Bullion advances
    • Borrow against your bullion without selling it. Learn more HERE.
  • Low bar premiums
  • Professionalism and experience.
    • Canadian Jewellers Association Members
    • BBB A+ Rated
    • Kelowna’s oldest pawn shop and bullion buyer

  • What Kind of Bullion Do You Buy?

    We are strong buyers of many bullion products whether they are gold or silver.  We are happy to purchase all sizes ranging from fractional wafers up to 100oz silver bars.  We frequently buy and sell products from the following mints

    • Royal Canadian Mint Bullion / RCM:
    • United States Mint / US Mint
    • Perth Mint
    • Johnson Matthey / J&M
    • Valcambi / PAMP Suisse
    • NTR / Sunshine Minting / SMI
    • Engelhard

    We purchase non-bullion gold products as well.  These coins do not meet purity standards in Canada so they are a taxable product.  Common examples include:

    • South African Krugerrands (22K / .916 pure)
    • British Sovereigns – all weights (22K / .916 pure)

  • What We’re Paying Today

    Our bullion charts are updated every 2 hours and should closely reflect our in store payouts.  However, final purchase prices are calculated based on exact spot at the time of sale.    Payment is done in cash at time of sale with allowances for bank drafts, transfers etc.  Values over $10,000 are paid via bank draft to comply with FINTRAC regulations although cash is available by special arrangement.

    NOTE:  Some collector editions or old pour bars and coins are worth PREMIUMS above the price shown below.  Visit us in store to get a precise estimate.

    June 17, 2024
    Fractional Bullion (per Gram) $97.82 99.90% Pure Gold
    1oz Gold Bars (Generic) $2,882.15 99.90% Pure Gold
    1oz Gold Bar (Premium, RCM etc) $2,978.22 99.90% Pure Gold
    1oz Gold Coin (Generic) $2,882.15 99.90% Pure Gold
    1oz Gold Coin (RCM etc.) $2,978.22 99.90% Pure Gold
    American Gold Eagle (22K) $2,889.11 91.60% Pure Gold
    South African Krugerrand (22K) $2,889.11 91.60% Pure Gold
    Spot Market Prices are updated every 2 hours and should be closely accurate. Exact prices will be updated at time of sale.

    June 17, 2024
    Sterling / 925 (per gram) $0.91 92.50% Pure Silver
    Coins, Canadian – Pre-67 per $1 value $18.28 80.00% Pure Silver
    Coins, US – Pre-64 per $1 value $22.05 90.00% Pure Silver
    Morgan / Peace Dollars $26.75 90.00% Pure Silver
    1oz Bullion (Generic) $39.37 99.90% Pure Silver
    1oz Bullion (Premium, RCM etc) $40.59 99.90% Pure Silver
    10oz Silver bar (assorted) $393.75 99.90% Pure Silver
    100oz Silver bar (assorted) $3,856.29 99.90% Pure Silver
    Spot Market Prices are updated every 2 hours and should be closely accurate. Exact prices will be updated at time of sale.

  • Is There Tax On Gold And Silver Bullion?

    Precious metals in bullion form (99.5% or higher in purity) are not subject to sales tax in Canada.  This does mean that some common gold coins (Krugerrands at 91.6% pure etc.) are taxable when sold at retail.

    When you sell to us your transaction is private and discrete.  All bullion is purchased as personal property.  For this reason, we suggest you contact a tax professional if you transaction has commercial, income tax or capital gains considerations.  To comply with Kelowna bylaw we submit anonymous item descriptions for police review.