Kelowna’s Diamond Buyer
Since 1995

Cash Paid For Your Diamond Jewelry

Unlock the value of your diamond Jewelry and get paid today. Premier has been Kelowna's diamond buyer since 1995 and we are the highest rated Jewelry buyer in Kelowna. Whether you are "karma purging" an old engagement ring or re-homing unworn pieces, visit us.

It's important to choose the right place to sell your diamonds because not everyone pays the same.  Most gold buyers don’t pay for diamonds at all. In fact, some stores ask to consign your jewelry which can take months to sell. Then they charge YOU up-front listing fees.

Premier is different. We are immediate cash buyers which means you'll get paid now. No waiting, no stress, just money in your hands. Our service is "free" with no appraisal or upfront costs. You also don't need an appointment or to book in advance. Stop in when it's convenient for you.

Accredited Diamond Buyers

The Premier difference starts with: being different. As Kelowna’s oldest jewelry buyer we provide over 25 years of experience. Our team are experts, trained by the school that created the international diamond grading standard. This commitment to service helps ensure that you get the most knowledgeable help available. Our team includes:

3 G.I.A. “Diamonds and Diamond Grading” Graduates

4 D.C.A. “Diamond Certified” Buyers

4 G.I.A. “Accredited Jewelry Professionals“

As representatives of the Jewelry trade we work within industry best practices. We are proud members of the following associations:

All diamond buyers are not created equal. You wouldn’t go to a doctor without a degree and you probably shouldn’t sell your diamonds to a ‘traditional’ pawn shop or consignment store. You (and your Jewelry) deserve better.

Kelowna’s Diamond Buyer
A Showcase

Below is a small example of some of the diamond Jewelry we’ve purchased from our clients. As diamond buyers we enjoy the diversity of Jewelry styles we see. From vintage and antique cut diamonds to modern branded cuts. As always, our store inventory is a great example of items we’ve bought.

1.63 Carats Total – 1.21 Ct. Center
Appraised $15,800

1.63 Carats Total – 1.51 Ct. Center
Appraised $29,000

1.63 Carats Total – 1.51 Ct. Center
Appraised $29,000

0.97 Carats Total – VS/VVS Centers
Appraised $6,900

2.08 Carats Total – 1.73 Ct. Center
Appraised $26,600

3.51 Carats Total – 2.00 Ct. Center
Appraised $56,000

1.28 Carats Total – 1.05 Ct. Center
Appraised $19,000

2.83 Carats Total – 1.33 Ct. Center
Appraised $21,000