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Cash for Gold Today!

Could you use a spare $1000? Your next mortgage payment (or vacation) might be sitting in your jewelry box right now! Many people don’t realize how much hidden wealth they actually have. Let Premier find it for you. As Kelowna’s top rated gold buyer (according to Google!) we can help.

We understand that selling your gold and jewelry involves trust. Not every gold buyer pays the same or has the skills to get the best value. Many gold buyers can’t evaluate your diamonds, luxury watches or designer jewelry. We can, it’s what we specialize in.

Other gold buyers make money by MELTING gold so they can only pay a fraction of it’s metal value. Premier RESELLS jewelry so our offers are often much higher than mall kiosks, hotel buyers, and gold party companies.

We have one of BC’s largest selections of fine vintage and estate jewelry so we’re happy to pay premiums for quality re-sellable pieces. That means more money for you.

As the oldest pawn shop in Kelowna we are the original “cash for gold” service. Open since 1995 we bring over 25 years of experience with us. Our expert team are accredited by the G.I.A., Diamond Council of America and more. Experience matters, and so does training. We offer both.

This is where we stand apart. As Kelowna’s oldest pawn shop we are also Kelowna’s oldest gold buyer. Open since 1995 we bring over 25 years of experience with us. Our expert team are accredited by the G.I.A., Diamond Council of America and more. Experience matters and so does training.

It’s easy for a company to make claims on their website.

Any gold buyer can say they “pay the most”. Actual client testimonials and online reviews offer the best insight. Click HERE to see what they have to say. Or check the hundreds of positive reviews we have on Google and Facebook.

Kelowna’s Top Gold Buyer – the Premier way

We work to set a higher standard so you get the best experience (and the most money!). Here is why Premier is the industry leader:

  1. Kelowna’s highest reviewed Gold Buyer according to GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.
  2. Immediate CASH, no cheques or consignments
  3. State of the art X-ray gold testing for accurate payment.
  4. GIA trained and accredited diamond buyers – click HERE for more information.
  5. BBB A+ rated since 2002
  6. Diamond Council of America Members since 2013
  7. Jewellers of America Members since 2015
  8. Canadian Jewellers Association members since 2018
  9. Serving Kelowna since 1995 – 25  years and counting.
  10. Locally owned – we’ve donated over $30,000 to Kelowna Women’s Shelter.
  11. Private stations with full COVID compliance for your safety.
  • Sell Your Gold Today In 3 Easy Steps

    Cash for gold as simple as 1,2,3 . . .
    Website cash-for-gold
    It really is that simple. No mailing, no waiting, no consignments and no appraisal costs. Bring us your jewelry and leave with money. If you need money but don’t want to SELL your gold, Premier can LEND you the same amount and you can redeem your gold later. Visit HERE for more information.

    At Premier we strive to make your gold selling experience quick and convenient. In fact, the average transaction takes less than 10 minutes. We’ll test the jewellery to make sure the gold and diamonds are real and to grade their quality. This let’s us give you the best offer up front.

    Our process offers several advantages compared to our competitors:

    • It’s Safe: We have a licensed storefront. No meeting strangers or sending gold by mail.
    • It’s Convenient: Come in on your schedule. No need for appointments.
    • It’s Fast: No waiting on cheques in the mail or for consignments to sell.  We pay today!
    • We Pay For Diamonds:  Our GIA trained diamond buyers can offer value that other stores can’t.  We are one of the few gold buyers to pay for diamonds because we SELL diamonds.  Don’t be fooled by firms that buy gold but offer zero value on your 1/4 carat diamond!
    • We don’t damage your jewelry: Other gold buyers use acid scratch tests on your jewelry.  This damages it.  Our precision X-Ray is nondamaging, more accurate and ensures the best payment.

    Here are some tips to before you come in

    1. Remember any paperwork (appraisals, certificates, receipts) as they may increase value.
    2. Don’t forget your photo ID (and, you need to be 19+ years old)

    *Values over $9,999.00 paid by bank draft due to FINTRAC regulations.

  • What Can I Sell?

    We Pay Cash For:

    1. Gold jewellery in any condition – broken to brand new.  We pay premiums for re-salable pieces.
    2. Diamond jewellery including loose stones.  Visit THIS PAGE for more details.  Premiums paid for larger sizes, Canadian Diamonds or “Cert’ed” stones.
    3. Gold and silver coins, bars or wafers.  Visit THIS PAGE for more details.
    4. “Waste” gold including dental gold, goldsmith casting buttons/sprues etc.
    5. Gold flakes, nuggets and placer gold.
    6. Watches – we specialize in luxury timpieces by Rolex, Omega, Breitling etc.

    Unlike most gold buyers we evaluate more than the weight of the metal, we factor:

    • Diamond quality, size and carat weight.
    • Designer branding (Tiffany, Cartier, etc)
    • Resalability – we can often pay higher values for pieces that can be resold.
    • Desirability – certain styles offer a premium.
  • How Much Do You Pay For Gold

    Our buying model is different than traditional pawn shops or hotel buyers.  Many gold buyers work on weight alone and quote ‘per gram’ buying prices.  We dislike this because it doesn’t give value for diamonds, craftsmanship, name brand or resaleability.  Even broken jewellery may be worth extra because parts could be used to fix other pieces. Bring your items in and we’ll get you the best quote possible.  We are very good at what we do, the proof is in our showcases and our SALES CATALOG.

    The following chart is an indicator of our buying price for the raw gold value based on weight alone.  From this we may increase our offer based on many factors including style, resale potential, diamond value, brand and more.  In select cases we may need to adjust the weight of the piece to account for non-gold elements like watch movements, large low value gemstones, etc.  Please note: we have an onsite certified “Legal for Trade” scale to ensure accuracy.

    July 18, 2024
    Karat Stamp We Pay Per Gram Purity
    9k $32.41 37.30% Pure Gold
    10k $36.24 41.70% Pure Gold
    14k $50.84 58.50% Pure Gold
    18k $65.18 75.00% Pure Gold
    20k $72.39 83.30% Pure Gold
    21k $76.04 87.50% Pure Gold
    22k $79.66 91.67% Pure Gold
    24k $86.89 99.99% Pure Gold
    Spot Market Prices are updated every 2 hours and should be closely accurate. Exact prices will be updated at time of sale.

  • Do You Pay For Diamonds
    We are more than gold buyers – as jewellery specialists we can pay for your diamonds as well.  In fact, our expert team of G.I.A. trained diamond buyers will get you value competitors can’t match.  We are members of the Canadian Jewellers Association, Jewelers of America and Diamond Council of America.  We know diamonds.
    Visit our SALES PAGE to see the proof: we stock hundreds of carats in diamonds purchased from clients just like you.
    Please visit our dedicated DIAMOND BUYING PAGE for more information.  Fun Trivia: the card above has 110 carats of loose diamonds scattered across it.
  • Can I Get “Cash For Gold” Without Selling It?

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    If you need money but would prefer NOT to sell your gold we can help!  Our PAWN SERVICE lets you unlock the value of your jewellery without having to sell it.  You’ll get the SAME VALUE today and have the option of redeeming your items up to a month later.  Ask a team member for details.


  • Fun Gold Trivia And Facts

    How pure is my gold?

    Gold used in jewellery is typically alloyed with other metals to improve hardness, luster or to alter color. The finished pieces are required by law to be stamped with purity hallmarks. In most North American pieces this is marked via a Karat (K) stamp but other countries use a percentage based mark.

    • 24K = 999 (99.9% pure)
    • 18K = 750 (75% pure)
    • 14K = 585 (58.5% pure)
    • 10K = 417 (41.7% pure)
    • 8K = 333 (33.3% pure)

    Unfortunately age, repair or other factors can obscure or remove these markings.

    How do I know if my gold is real?

    The best way to know for sure is to bring the item to our location and let our professionals examine the pieces. We use a variety of tests to determine the authenticity of any piece and are professionally trained at gold intake. As a general guideline however consider the following:

    The presence of gold hallmarks (10K, 417, etc.) are a good sign. Unfortunately with the rise of deliberate fakes these are no longer entirely trustworthy. A few facts to consider:

    • Gold is nonmagnetic – if it moves with a magnet it’s not gold.
    • Gold is resistant to corrosion, won’t turn green, etc.
    • Jewellery is typically well made – if you see machining marks, poor quality worksmanship etc. this is a warning sign.
    • Typically they will not set valuable larger diamonds in fake gold – this is not guaranteed however.
    • Gold will not ‘wear through’ – if you see another color underneath that is a warning sign.

    Proof positive that a piece is a replica or fake is hallmarking such as:

    • GP = Gold Plate
    • GF = Gold Filled
    • RGP = Rolled gold plate
    • 1/20 alloy = Gold filled
    • GE or HGE = Gold Electroplate / Heavy Gold Electroplate

    What’s amazing about gold?

    Gold has a history spanning thousands of years and has always been a treasured resource. Besides it’s natural beauty and rarity it has some amazing physical properties:

    • 1 ounce of gold can be rolled into a 100sq/ft sheet only 0.000127mm thick.
    • 1 ounce of gold can be pulled into a wire almost 80KM long
    • Gold is highly corrosion and tarnish resistant.
    • Gold is rare: only 3.5 parts per BILLION of the earth’s crust are comprised of pure gold.
    • Gold is heavy: the standard pure gold bar is 20cm X8cm X4.5cm (slightly bigger than a box of Kraft Dinner noodles) and weighs 27 pounds.

    What happens to the gold I sell?

    Usually the gold is refined into it’s pure form and resold on the world market. Current estimates state that almost one-fifth of the world’s annual jewellery production is made from recycled gold.

    Select pieces may be in resalable condition and may enter the secondary market as estate jewellery. Typically these would be purchased for a higher value.