Guitars – Bought, Sold and Money Loaned!

At Premier we’ve been dealing in ‘pawnshop guitars’ since we opened in 1995.  Over the years we’ve bought, sold and loaned money on hundreds of guitars ranging from starter acoustics to a $12,000 ’52 Gibson with the original cardboard box!   Whether you need a starter acoustic or a professional level Taylor make sure to drop in.

We offer Kelowna’s most secure instrument pawn service – all of our topend guitars are stored in an onsite bank vault.  You’ll also find our rates competitive (by which we mean the cheapest).  If the stretch between gigs has left you a little thin in the wallet stop by and let us help.

Our used guitars resell for MUCH less (50% off in many cases) than their new pricing.  Plus, we replace the strings and do minor fretwork to help ensure that each guitar is an enjoyable playing experience.  Whether you’re looking acoustic, electric, amplification or effects pedals we do it all.