FAQ: Pay With Layaway!

Don’t delay, before it gets away!

If you found the perfect ring, guitar or laptop don’t let it get away!  Every item we have is unique.  Once someone else buys it – it’s gone forever!  Layaways are a great way to ‘protect’ the stuff you want because it stops anyone else from buying it.  It’s also a smart way to “finance” purchases since you can pay in installments instead of up front.

Whether it’s a $100 gaming console or a $15,000 diamond we offer the industry’s best layaway plan.  Credit history doesn’t matter because the item stays in our secure storage until it’s paid off.  This means ANYONE can qualify.  Here’s how it works:  

  1. A 10% deposit holds your item.
  2. Pay 10% per month (or more if you wish)
  3. Take it home in 10 months (or sooner if you made larger payments)
  4. As a bonus, when you pick up your layaway you get 10% off your NEXT layaway (if done same day).  

It’s better than normal financing because there are NO hidden fees or charges.  There’s also no interest.  There’s not even a credit check or application. 

Layaway Pro Tip

Be sneaky and plan ahead. Start your layaway a few months in advance of your anniversary or Christmas. Use the time to pay down the sale. Your wife, girlfriend, husband or kids won’t find it because it’s stored with us. Then pick it up right before you need it. You have more time to pay AND it keeps your surprise hidden.

  • What’s the difference between layaway and financing?

    We offer layaways, not financing.  They are very different products.  Layaways are available to everyone and don’t depend on work history or credit scores.  The price doesn’t change and there are no compounding or back-loaded fees.  The item stays with us until it is paid in full.

    Financing (aka Same as Cash) is a credit product.  A lender buys the item for you and you make installment payments to repay it.  In order to qualify you need an income and credit history.  More importantly – you pay fees for the service.  The only upside to financing is you get the product today but it’s at a much higher cost and commitment.

    The real trap with financing is inflated product pricing.  While the ‘low monthly payment’ is convenient the products are often horribly marked up to start with.  Jewellery is a great example.  A ring we sell here for $1000 may be $2500 in a traditional jewellery store.  While you may get it financed and get a cheap payment you’re really paying MUCH MORE in the end.