Kelowna’s Guitar Shop

Cure your ‘air guitar’ problem by getting a REAL GUITAR!  At Premier we’ve been buying, selling and trading instruments for 25 years.  Our selection has ranged from starters all the way to Gibson custom shop models. 

Remember: we’re more than happy to TRADE-IN or TRADE-UP your existing guitar and amplifier to a new model from our showroom.  Whether you’ve outgrown your axe or just want a change of style we’re happy to help.  We also pay cash outright if your collection is a bit heavy and you’re getting heat to downsize.

Our inventory is sourced from the public and select vendors. That makes each piece ‘unique’ because we can’t re-order or replace it. If you see an item you like lock-it down with a LAYAWAY to keep someone else from buying it. Click the button to browse our inventory.