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Recycled Retail: Kelowna’s Buy and Sell

Before you go through the hassle of trying to sell things yourself why not get PAID NOW instead?   Premier is Kelowna’s most established buyer of quality used merchandise.  We pay immediate cash for quality items such as these:

TV’s And Media Devices

We Pay CASH for quality flatscreen TV’s.  Premiums paid for SMART and 4K.  Please remember to bring your remote controls.  Here is a list of things we’re looking for:

  • Large Flatscreen TV’s – 4K, Curved and Smart
  • TV Soundbars (Bose, Sonos etc.)


Technology: Computer, Tablets, and More

Got a new laptop?  Let us buy your old one!  We’re strong buyers for any technology products including laptops, APPLE products, iPads, Tablets and more!   Please make sure your technology products are charged before bringing them in.  We’ll need all of the cords and power blocks.  Lastly: items that are cloud locked (iCloud, Google FRP) will need to be unlocked before we can purchase them.   



Video Games: Retro and Modern

Video games: new and vintage!  From classic Xbox to the latest 4K enabled PS4 Pro we’re happy to buy, sell and lend money for all of your gaming needs.

Premiums paid for:

  • Retro gaming such as N64, NES and SNES.  Consoles and games!
  • Current Gen systems such as PS4, Xbox One – games and consoles!


Cellphones – Apple, Samsung – Most carriers

We want your old phones!  Premiums paid for:

  • Current generation APPLE Iphones
  • Recent Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Unlocked phones for major brands.



Old Currency, Coins and Bills

Did you know money was worth . . . money?  Yes, we buy vintage and collector currency including misprints, folding errors, rare serial numbers and more.  Bring down your old bills and get some NEW bills in exchange!