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Here is some of what our clients have to say about us:

Written Testimonials:

From Sunrise Rotary after helping host a gold-buying fundraiser:

“Martin and his professional staff appraised each item and guests received instant payments . . .The professionalism that Martin and his team offer make it easy for this event to happen. They are a reputable and local business that has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for 15+ years.”

From Facebook:

Facebook Likes

“I have been going to Premier for years…. Longer then all the staff have worked there…. except for Martin and his Dad. They always treat me so good I can’t help to go back and spend more of my $$$ thanks guys! Your rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – TP

“I have received (and given) some fabulous jewellery purchased here! I highly recommend having a look and compare. You will be impressed.” – SM

In my experience i have never met a group like the Family at Premier they are the most professional and helpful people in the business.  They are there to help you through a situation or to guide you through purchase of precious items in either case call them first : ) – EDD


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