Jewelery Care Tips 101

Don’t do this to your jewelry!

Corroded Gold and Diamond Solitaire Ring

Don’t Wear Your Jewelry In The Pool

Today’s blog post is part safety alert and part product care tip.  Owners of fine jewelry should be proud to wear it but there are times when it should be taken off.  As many of you know gold jewelry isn’t made of pure gold.  Instead, the metal is alloyed with other metals for strength, color or appearance reasons.  These other metals can be affected by common chemicals including the chlorine found in pools and  hot-tubs.  These rings reacted after exposure to chlorine.  Sadly, this chemical damage actually destroys the metal in the ring so it cannot be repaired.


Don’t Wear Your Rolex Playing Golf  (or Hockey, Tennis, or Baseball)

Here is a tip from our watchmaker.  All automatic watches are powered by a ‘rotor’.  This is a free spinning weight inside the watch body that winds it as you move.   This is a great idea UNLESS you are moving in a way that applies a lot of centrifugal force.  The sharp acceleration and stop of a golf swing creates incredible torque and may eventually wear and damage your automatic watch.  If you play golf frequently this will lead to a shortened service interval and more costly overhaul due because of the wear.