Got game? We buy/sell/trade and loan money for used video games!

From the latest Xbox and Playstation to the original Nintendo NES we buy, sell and trade it all.  We stock hundreds of used game titles for varying systems and they’re in excellent condition.  We pay cash for quality video game titles (please no dated sports titles) OR you have the option to trade-in towards a game you like more.  We typically stock most consoles but high-demand hardware sells quickly!

We are Kelowna’s only supplier of the RetroN retro gaming console which plays NES/SNES/SEGA games on a single console!  No more having to fiddle with 30 year old hardware to play your copy of Mario!  We also stock NEW but hard to find accessories for retro systems including NES/SNES controllers, various cables and power supplies etc.

Lastly – we have a professional quality disc refinishing system so the odds are good we can repair your much loved games if an accident should happen.  Don’t throw your $60 game in the trash because someone scratched it – let us save it for you!