We're BACK to regular schedule and now open Sundays. Read up on our new COVID SAFETY procedures.

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We’re Back Full-Time!

Greetings everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve returned to our regular “Pre-Covid” operating hours. It’s been a while so here’s a refresh:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 6PM
  • Sunday: Noon – 4PM
  • Holidays: CLOSED

As we re-open fully we are complying with Worksafe and B.C. Health best practices to protect our team and our clients. More specifically:

  1. We have moved the majority of our inventory on-line to allow for easier viewing from the safety of your phone / home. Likewise, we are able to accept online payments for many transactions.
  2. We have installed vapor safety barriers to protect clients and team members while doing transactions.
  3. We have traffic flow and social distancing in place throughout the store and exterior areas.
  4. We have implemented occupancy limits (no more than 6 clients at once) to help maintain social distancing.
  5. We have reduced the number of intake stations to increase client spacing. We apologize if this creates a wait time but we feel the enhanced safety is worth it.
  6. High contact areas such as counters, door handles and similar surfaces are being washed several times a day with Lysol.
  7. We have alcohol based sanitizer available at several locations in the store.
  8. Merchandise is cleaned after being handled. We have purchased UV-C “food grade” sterilization equipment for jewellery.
  9. We have provided enhanced safety and sanitation training for all team members.
  10. Team members have access to gloves and masks if they wish to wear them. Please respect their decision to do so.
  11. We are refusing entry to anyone with visible signs of sickness (coughing, etc.)
  12. You are welcome to wear a mask in the store AFTER we have identified you prior to entry (done for security reasons).

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we adapt to the new requirements.


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