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What Is A Pawn Loan?

Unlock the value of your assets - Cash loans for items of value.


Pawn loans are a fast, confidential, and simple way to borrow money.  The value of your assets (jewelry, laptops, guitars, etc) secures the transaction so there are no credit checks, job requirements or other complications.  Pawning offers many advantages:

  1. Pawn values are based on your needs and collateral.  We’ve pawned as low as $10 to over $20,000 for some of our business clients.
  2. There are NO credit penalties for using a pawn service even if you choose to let your transaction lapse to repay your balance.  
  3. You are in control: redeem the pawn, purchase additional time or let the items lapse to repay the outstanding balance. 
  4. Rates are much better than a payday loan and you have over twice as long to pay back.
  5. We are able to help students, self-employed business people and fixed income households that other lenders avoid. 

Stop by today to speak with one of our experts!  You’ll be surprised at how much value you might just have just lying around the house.

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