There's No Such Thing As A Used Diamond

As jewellery retailers we field alot of diamond questions – many of them about ‘used’ diamonds. At a simple level we reply that there’s no such thing as a used diamond, but there ARE pre-owned diamonds. The difference is subtle but highly important.

Used implies that a portion of the lifespan of the item has been ‘used up’. A used car has mileage and wear. It may not have the same features as this year’s model. In short, on some level a used car isn’t as good as a new car.

The same comparison can’t be made about diamonds.

Diamonds are (on average) 2.5 BILLION years old. They are the hardest natural substance on earth. They don’t go obsolete, they don’t expire, there is no ‘new model’ and with proper wear they will be the same 1000 years from now as they are today. In short, you can’t USE a diamond.

It is, however, possible for a diamond to be pre-owned. This simply means that someone else paid the high retail markup at the mall stores and now their loss is your gain. At Premier we can provide you with the diamonds you’d like at a substantial savings. And while we’d never suggest that you spend LESS on your engagement ring we DO suggest that you buy her that ¾ carat for less than the mall charges you for a ½.  We’ve never met a girl yet who wanted a smaller diamond.

Get MORE diamond for LESS markup. It seems simple to us.