Premier Is Proud To Sponsor The 2014 Canadian Police Canine Trials!

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This is a FREE public event happening on September 14th/14 at the Apple Bowl.  K9 teams will test themselves in tracking, searching, obedience and agility competitions.  

We witnessed first-hand how effective Constable Chris Brinnen and his partner Samson were in 2011 as they pursued the person who robbed our store. Watching Samson race into the line of fire during pursuit really brings home how valuable these partnerships are.  

The Trials will also be donating any extra proceeds to the B.C. Children’s Hospital!  Please come out to support our local detachment, these talented officers and the B.C. Children’s Hospital.  You can get further details by visiting the following websites:

Event Facebook HERE.

Event Blog HERE.

CPCA website HERE