Diamond Fraud – the Dangers of Buying Online









This eBay listing is a great example of why buying diamonds online is dangerous.   This was live as of June 27, 2017 and the seller had 1319 positive feedback. They’re advertising a fantastic deal on a 3 carat round cut diamond solitaire. We’ve taken the liberty of outlining the description with a red box to highlight it. The price is fantastic – so good in fact that a diamond half that size wholesales for three times this much.

Next, pay attention to the box in green. They’ve already sold 32 of these rings!  There are going to be alot of very happy women out there.  I  wonder how many people read the fine print WAY down on the second screen?





The box in blue tells us this ring is brand new so they know exactly what it is.  The boxes in RED tell us that it’s lab enhanced moissanite.  Which they advertised as diamond at the top of the page.  I’ll leave it up to the lawyers to figure out if this is technically fraud – but advertising one thing at the top of the page and then pointing out that it’s not in tiny print at the bottom doesn’t build alot of confidence.  Buy jewelry from someone you trust.