If You Pawn Elsewhere Your Items May Be At Risk

At Premier we are Kelowna’s leading pawnshop in many ways: excellent rates, late hours, friendly service and more.  But there is one often overlooked aspect of our service: insurance.  Did you realize that the majority of pawnshops can’t (or won’t) insure your items while they are on pawn?  

The contract wording below is from other regional pawnshops:

No insurance

If you are pledging things that are important to you it’s worth thinking about.  You work hard to buy your items and your pawnshop should work equally hard to keep them safe.  

Premier has Kelowna’s only vault secured jewellery storage area.  We’re also the only company using anti-tamper bags to store your jewellery.  And we’re the only firm putting YOUR interests at heart by insuring your items while in our care.  Visit us for details.