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Kelowna’s Gold Buyer – Cash For Gold In Any Condition

Kelowna’s Gold Buyer Since 1995!

At Premier we understand that selling your jewellery involves trust.   Not every gold buyer pays the same.  Most don’t have the expertise to handle your diamonds, luxury watches or designer jewellery.   At Premier we set a higher standard.  We have been Kelowna’s preferred gold buyer for over 20 years.  With more industry accreditations than any regional competitor we are Kelowna’s ‘Cash For Gold’ choice:  

  1. GIA trained and accredited diamond buyers – click HERE for more information.
  2. BBB A+ rated since 2002
  3. Diamond Council of America Members since 2013
  4. Jewellers of America Members since 2015
  5. State of the art X-ray gold analysis
  6. Serving Kelowna since 1995 – 23  years and counting.
What Our Clients Are Saying

We feel it’s best to let our clients speak for us. 

Click the photo below for actual GOOGLE and FACEBOOK testimonials from customers who have sold their gold and diamond jewellery.  Kelowna has many gold buyers so it’s important to make the right choice.  Let Premier maximize the value of your jewellery.



Kelowna's Luxury Watch Buyer

Premier pays for luxury watches:  from Rolex, Breitling and Omega to vintage Tudors and more.   We are more than just Kelowna’s Gold Buyer – our ability to purchase diamonds and Rolex sets us apart. 


Visit the store to find out what your timepiece might be worth: it could be MUCH MORE than you think.  For more information CLICK ON THE PHOTO.

Premier is Kelowna's Diamond Buyer

We are more than gold buyers – as jewellery specialists we can pay for your diamonds as well.  In fact, our expert team of G.I.A. trained diamond buyers will get you value competitors can’t match.  Visit our SALES PAGE to see the proof: we stock hundreds of carats in diamonds purchased from clients just like you.   
We are Diamond Council of America members with over two decades of experience.   For more information click on our diamond card: showcasing over 110 carats in diamonds!
How Many Thousands of Dollars Are Hiding In Your Jewellery Box?

You may have hundreds (or thousands) of dollars sitting in your jewellery box right now.  Many people don’t realize how much hidden wealth they actually have.  Most gold buyers make money by MELTING gold.  This means they can only pay a fraction of it’s metal value.  At Premier we can do more than melt: we have one of BC’s largest selections of fine vintage and estate jewellery.  This means we can pay premiums for quality re-sellable pieces.  That means more money for you.

Gold Buying - How it works

Selling your gold, diamonds and watches is a simple, open process.  We explain each step before proceeding.  Here is what to expect:

  1. Gather your items.  Remember any paperwork (appraisals, certificates, receipts) as it may increase value.
  2. Visit our store and speak with our gold buyer at your convenience – no appointment required.
  3. We assess the pieces you’d like a quote on.  Quotes are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.
  4. We will verify gold and diamonds using non-damaging X-RAY and thermal conductivity tests.
  5. Our gold buyer will present an offer for purchase.  Payment is in CASH* before you leave.
  6. Once you accept we handle all of the paperwork – often in less than 10 minutes.

We are one of the few gold buyers to pay for diamonds because we SELL diamonds.  Don’t be fooled by firms that buy gold but offer zero value on your 1/4 carat diamond!

*Values over $9,999.00 paid by bank draft due to FINTRAC regulations.

What Do We Pay?

Our buying model is different than traditional pawn shops or hotel buyers.  Many gold buyers work on weight alone and quote ‘per gram’ buying prices.  We dislike this because it doesn’t give value for diamonds, craftsmanship or name brand.  Even broken jewellery may be worth extra because parts could be used to fix other pieces. Bring your items in and we’ll get you the best quote possible.  We are very good at what we do, the proof is in our showcases and our SALES CATALOG.  Trust the testimonials of our clients:

What Kind of Gold and Jewellery Do We Buy?

We Pay Cash For:

  1. Gold jewellery in any condition – broken to brand new.  We pay premiums for re-salable pieces.
  2. Diamond jewellery including loose stones.  Visit THIS PAGE for more details.  Premiums paid for larger sizes, Canadian Diamonds or “Cert’ed” stones.
  3. Gold and silver coins, bars or wafers.  Visit THIS PAGE for more details.
  4. Waste gold including dental gold, casting buttons/sprues etc.
  5. Gold flakes, nuggets and placer gold.
  6. Watches – we specialize in luxury timpieces by Rolex, Omega, Breitling etc.

Unlike most gold buyers we evaluate more than the weight of the metal, we factor:

  • Diamond quality, size and caratage.
  • Resalability – we can often pay higher values for pieces that can be resold.
  • Desirability – certain styles offer a premium.



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