Selling To A Hotel Gold Buyer May Cost You

With gold prices trending upwards we are seeing the return of travelling gold buying companies.  Competitive selling options are a good thing but there are definitely things you should consider before you sell.

Firstly, not all buyers are the same.  In 2012 “International Coin Collectors” aka “Treasure Hunters Roadshow” bounced cheques to Kelowna customers (article link).   Always verify who you are selling to and check their ratings on the BBB, Facebook and Google websites.  You are selling potentially thousands of dollars in jewelry so it’s worth reading the reviews.  Remember, not all buyers pay the same so it’s important to see what others have said.  At Premier we pride ourselves on an A+ BBB rating and over 100 positive feedbacks on Google and Facebook.

Be cautious of time pressure tactics.  While travelling buyers obviously have schedules some of them use that limited time (EX: “Two Days Only”) hoping you’ll sell without checking around.  Get local quotes first: that way you can be sure you are getting a fair value for your items.

Pay special attention to the marketing and read the fine print.  This company advertises that they are buying gold and diamond jewelry.  They also point out they buy diamonds above a 1/2 carat in ‘good’ quality.  Does that mean you’re not getting paid for your smaller diamonds?  Are you getting fair value for your diamond cluster rings, eternity bands, three stone rings and right hand rings that may feature diamonds under a 1/2 carat each?

Once again, we urge you to take your jewelry to a qualified buyer that knows how to handle diamonds.  At Premier we have diamond buyers trained by the GIA (who invented the modern diamond grading system).



Sometimes the ad is just plain wrong.  Or perhaps intentionally misleading.  This event is scheduled for May 6 2017 and claims silver is at 30 year highs.  Except, it’s not.  Not even close.  Silver today (May 4 /17) is at roughly $22.48 an ounce.  It was over $40/ounce in 2011.  






Your jewelry, silver, coins, bills and military items are worth money.  Selling in a time-pressured environment without having all of the facts may cost you alot of money.  Don’t take our word for it: here is a Facebook review on the topic