Kelowna’s Engagement Ring Secret – from vintage to modern!

Diamonds are natures most spectacular creation.  Timeless, rare and unique.  Embracing this, our engagement ring selection includes vintage diamonds, ‘pre-loved’ designer jewellery, modern diamond styles and more.

Our engagement rings are sourced from the secondary market.  This unique buying position means we can offer our jewellery at substantial discounts.  It also means our engagement ring selection spans the last 100 years of style.  This provides you a fresh, new and diverse array of jewellery to pick from.  Each engagement ring is carefully restored by our goldsmith so you get like new quality at much better than retail pricing.

Finding the right engagement ring is about more than price however.   Our staff are Diamond Council of America trained to help you find the perfect piece for you.  With better prices, unique selection and expert staff we help you find the diamond ring of her dreams without having to stress about it. Lastly, our top-line pieces are appraised by GEMSCAN, one of the largest independent jewellery labs in Canada. This let’s you know exactly what you are buying.

We are pleased to offer LAYAWAY plans and our unique engagement ring DIAMOND TRADE-UP plan.  Get 100% of the purchase price back on diamond ring upgrades!  Buy the piece you like today and upgrade her engagement ring on your next anniversary!

The following link will take you to our online store with hundreds of items listed. Remember – each piece is unique so once it sells that opportunity is gone forever.